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Monday, 31 October 2011

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2010)

In 7 words or less: Evil Fairies like to eat kid's teeth.

Best bits? Pretty interesting horror here. Great suspense and creepiness, right up to when you see the creatures for the first time. Although, once seen, the retain a mixture of sinisterness and fairytale. Basically, an ancient race of creatures are disturbed when a developer is renovating an old house with a scary history and they really like to eat children's teeth (they pay handsomely for them). There's a nice tie-in with some folk lore in there somewhere too, just in time before any boredom sets in, there's a cool 'house research' scene with some great artwork of the monsters.

Did it make you think thoughts? There seemed to be some issues with continuity. I kept seeing things that didn't make sense throughout.

Would you watch it again? Yeah! It was a well made modern horror! That's rare, apparently. If it weren't for a few gruesome kills, this would be a perfect way to frighten kids for months at a 10th birthday party. (not recommended).

Rating (out of 100%): 71% A nice end to my horror season, although not too scary, it has it's creepy moments and it's atheistically pleasing enough not to worry about the slight lack of frights.

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