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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Men in Black (1997)

In 7 words or less: Here's the Men in Black, Galaxy Defenders

What's it all About? A secret clandestine agency with a mandate of guarding the planet against extraterrestrial threats recruits a young hotshot (Smith) to partner a steely veteran (Jones). Commence a threat from beyond the stars.

Best bits? Big Willie's recruitment scenes, the crazy aliens at MiB central and TL Jones' deadpan take on his character are all ace.

Look into the light

Did it make you think thoughts? I remember thinking for some reason that this flick had a bad rep. Not sure why I thought that or where I heard it but seeing as I was off work and it was on tv, I thought I'd give it a go. I'm glad I did. It's a good old ripsnorter of a 1hr 30min family funtime sci-fi blast. 

Rip Torn is the man in charge as..........Zed!

Action comedies are not a new thing in cinema, 48hrs, Jones & The Last Crusade and the recently reviewed on this site, Lethal Weapon II are all great examples. However, they benefit by balancing the comedy with a serious story or themes. MiB however is a fantasy comedy which is a lot more difficult to pull off. Big Trouble in Little China did and I'm pleased to say so does this. 

I did wonder why it took 5 years for a sequel to come along and I still don't have the answer.

Would you watch it again? Yeah I would.

The telephone exchange could do with this guy

Rating (out of 100%): The set up is fairly long but interesting, the characters gel together remarkably well and overall it's a fun watch. Funny Smith, funny Jones and funny looking aliens adds up to a score of 80%
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