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Friday, 19 October 2012

Halloween Resurrection (2002)

In 7 words or less: Myers is back again.

What's it all About? Three years after the events of Halloween Water (H2O) Myers (who apparently wasn't decapitated at the end of the aforementioned film) finally catches up with his sister, Laurie in a hospital escape showdown which is directly lifted from Terminator 2. Then the actual story kicks in... An internet entertainment company founded by Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks sets up a Halloween Webcast show in the Old Myers house with a handful of fame-hungry teens, each fitted with a personal camera to stream their actions to this thing called the World Wide Web. Oh, there's also some kids at a rubbish party watching it on the internet and they end up helping somehow.

Buster's unusual presenting style.
Best bits? I liked how dated all this technology stuff looks in just 10 years. The words 'state of the art' are thrown around everywhere. Not quite as good as the immortal line "Look! An interactive CD ROM!" from Jurassic Park though.

Even if this is dated and a bit rubbish and hilarious. It's still only the forth film in the Halloween series to be competently put together. So it wins a lot of points for that.

Even the Sexpest from American Pie makes an appearance. 
Did it make you think thoughts? Michael Myers, the internet and reality TV isn't the recipe for success. A film maker needs to start again with a film set in the 70's directly after the first movie. It's the only way to fix the legacy of Myers then we can put the rest of these films in a box named 'curious oddities'.

A penis joke, presumably.
Would you watch it again? Probably. It was pretty funny... Busta Rhymes doing Kung Fu on Michael Myers? Amazing.

Gimmie Some Mo'
Rating (out of 100%): 54% It's fun, and entertaining, but make no mistake. This is not a masterpiece.
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