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Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Others (2001)

In 7 words or less: Weird lady immediately locks doors behind her.

What's it all About? Grace (Kidman) is rattling around in a big old mansion somewhere on Jersey with her two children when some mysterious new servants come a knockin'. It's in the olden days... Creepy goings on ensue.

As if you'd let that lot in!

Best bits? The general feel is creepy and the acting is first class. The two kids make you realise bad child acting doesn't have to be endured. The scares on offer here are mild at best but do amount to a nice little atmosphere brewing by the end of the film.

If I walked in to a room and saw this scene I'd walk straight back out. Absolutely no way.

The younglings not being allowed exposure to sunlight is a nice touch and keeps the film nice and dark. 

Did it make you think thoughts? Saw this at the cinema back in 2001 and was really impressed. My horror skin has thickened since then and the scares on offer here are a little too Blue Peter based... It's the sort of film your teacher might show to the class as a treat before you breakup for Christmas holidays. It's still a nice little film but if you know the twist it's pretty fruitless on repeat viewings. It feels so small now. It clearly had a minuscule budget.

Your eyes are weird. I don't like you. Bye.

Would you watch it again? No. I think this is done now. The twist is so over explained and rushed. It is literally rammed down your throat. The Others is dead to me.

Rating (out of 100%): 66% A neat little ghost story to break you into the genre. Not for the seasoned horror fan though; this would barley register on your scaro-meter. Well, it might tickle you a little... probably just a mouse sniffing at your toes though.
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